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Apr 17, 2015
hi all! I am new to chickens i have twelve chicks about 6 weeks old. All are doing well but one all of a sudden started tumbling over, when shed fall it almost seemed like a seizure and i had to help her out of it. Her eyes would close and wings out etc. now she is quiet and shivering. Sometimes closes eyes and shakes head like shes dizzy/drunk. Trying to give her water but shes scared. Have yogurt out but only took one nibble..... Idk what to do... Would a bee sting or spider bite cause this? It was so sudden... Any thoughts greatly appreciated
Was your chick vaccinated for Mareks? There are other possibilities on what is wrong, such as dehydration, avian encephalomyelitis, and other things. AE is a virus that affects very young chicks and can cause tremors and problems walking. I would keep her warm, and feed her some electrolyte water. What do her droppings look like? Coccidiosis is also common at this age, and could cause some of the symptoms.
I dont think she was vaccinated, i picked all my chicks up at a chick day at a local feed store. They have all been fine up until today when i notices her seizure.. She has done it multiple times. I have brought her inside. She freaks out randomly and that is when it happens. She ate a little but not much. She is quiet now. I have not been able to see her droppings yet. I checked her butt and it looks clear... She has not drank anything since ive been keeping a close eye on her.. How can i get water into her? And i dont have any electorlytes or anything right now...
Her droppings look ok.. She did a couple this morning, a little white and green, first one was solid then a little loose..... She did not move all night long, but this morning was walking around and tweeting, but pecking at the blanket etc, not really paying attention to the food or water...
Chickens can have seizures as some have posted about them here. Here are some links to read about mixing homemade electrolytes, and some about Mareks disease:'s_Disease

1/2 teaspoon salt substitute* (source of potassium)
1 teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon table salt
1 tablespoon sugar
1 gallon water
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Thank you very much for the responses! I will try to identify all the symptoms when I get home later.. it sounds like the symptoms can be very similar to other things too, so I am not sure how I will be able to tell if she does actually have Mareks? And if she does... what do I do with her?? poor thing

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