May 14, 2015
I purchased three black Cochins and three buff orpingtons at an auction (they are ranging from 3-10 weeks old).

My three black Cochins all have one or two eyes swollen shut. I think they may have coryza or crd? I don't know. I started them on super boost (has antibiotics penicillin in it) three days ago and it seems to be helping a bit but not much.

My question is this: should I just cull all three or should I try a different antibiotic? Will they be carriers if they do heal and infect any of my future chickens?
They need to be accurately diagnosed. the wrong antibiotic won't help at all, and they will get worse. Post in detail & photos if possible on the Emergencies thread.

. Auctions are a bad place to get birds, the seller is there one minute, gets his money and disappears. You really have to know which sellers are reputable and come back all the time. Not nice people know an auction is a great way to get rid of culls, sick birds, and pass off cockerels as pullets etc. You will never find them to get restitution.
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