HELPBirds tested positive for Myco plasmaNOW WHAT

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    Now I need help. We were told to cull the flock. I have 2 pet ducks as well in there. What I need to know is are you able to eat the eggs? Their prodution has slowed way down but I still get about 3 a day. Some are rough looking. Can a human eat them and be okay? Also doea anyone have the link to the guy that posted the video that went through this
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    I don't know about the video. Have you search on this site for MG. There are several threads regarding it.

    who told you to cull the flock? Do you have a "closed" flock or are you bringing birds in and out? From what I've read many many birds are carriers of MG, it does not pass to the egg. A flock can pick it up for new additions or from wild birds.

    there is a ton of information available, but there is also much debate as to how to handle it. Hopefully you will get more input from others on this site with more experience.
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    Hey there--My birds also tested positive-----the easiest way to give a example is the herpies fever blister--you are always a carrier but due to stress you will get a break out- feaver blisters. Treat them and they will heal, but get hit in the mouth or stress and you get a blister.
    I am not going to cull----I had two to die early on, started medication and they are looking much better. Egg production is now going up. I am going to worm them tomorrow for 24 hours, and wait a week before eating any eggs. (7 days) I am also going to disinfect with bleach water and put sand and gravel in the lot so they have less mud and easier to drain and dry out since we have so much rain and moisture. The dept. of agriculture said you can eat the chickens and eggs just wait the proper time after medication. I am going to worm the first of each month now-- and might even medicate some during winter. Send me your email and I will send you some internet sights to look at - [email protected] I used sulmet and terramycin antibiotics. Hang in there----Teresa in Beckley, WV
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    MG is shed into the eggs- you have to be careful, because this fact is what makes it a more dangerous disease, as far as spreading into other flocks.

    Read here:
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    Quote:See tons of information... I just happened to provide the wrong information. Sorry [​IMG]

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