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Mar 19, 2021
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This morning I checked on her and she seems more lively, stumbling around a bit. Her feet are kinda bent in the position where they were in the egg. Should I try a cardboard shoe?
Also, Maybe I could feed her some egg yolk to strengthen her up a bit (or anything else you would suggest?)
You have her out of the bator now?

Get some vitamins into her and offer wet mash. You can give a bit of egg too, but if you can get her to eat mushy chick starter on her own that's the goal! PND is good, but personally I would use human B-Complex since you want B2(Riboflavin) which PND does not have.
Dissolve 1/4 tablet in a small amount of water and give her several drops several times a day until it's gone. Crush up the tablet first, it makes it easier to dissolve.

The sooner you start attempting to fix feet/legs the better. Fix them and put her in the brooder. Stumbling about in a bator is hard on them.

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