Helped hatch 2 BR's...** UPDATE: they made it!!


11 Years
Jan 22, 2009
Our best BR turkey momma, Brambled, hatched 4 beautiful babies two days ago but left the remaining nest of eggs (still 6 left). we took the eggs in the house and put them under a heat lamp. a couple were trying to pip and we could hear the peepin' -- but not a ton of progress. so we 'helped' them hatch and by golly they might just make it!

normally we are 'let nature take its course' kinda folks but we figured why not try it out? the first was really peppy but just couldnt kick out. he got out after we removed the shell (not membrane) and got warmed up. we tucked him under Bramble as soon as it got dark and he's out there right now poppin around with the others.

the second wasnt looking good at all but finally made it most of the way out of the shell last nite about midnite. we said a blessing over him and went to bed - i couldnt believe it when he opened his eyes this morning!

he's still weak but i remember that Struttin mentioned something about a weak chick so i looked up the thread and gave him a couple of drops of molasses and ACV.... and he's starting to come around and fluff up. if he makes it thru the day we'll sneak him under Bramble tonite.

i'm not getting my hopes up to much but i'd love it if they make it.

Struttin' if you are out there - thanks for posting your info (months ago) - i think it originally came from Harp.. yay for sharing the info!
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the 2nd one is doing GREAT! better every time i sneak in a snuggle. but now that its dark we'll have to take her out and tuck her under the momma. my hubby has been telling me all day that NO s/he is not going to be a house turkey! hee hee

hope they both make it! the one we put under Bramble last nite is doing great.


yipee!!! the littlest one made it thru the night and looks wonderful - all fluffy and happy! one nite under his momma was just what he needed and 100 times better than all the doctorin' (and snuggling) that i could have done

now if we can just keep them safe from all the other hundreds of ways turkey babies flop over dead we'll be just fine!


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