Helping a chick hatch question?


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Nov 27, 2007
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Just looking for some advice. I put 5 eggs I bought off ebay under a broody hen. Well one hatched two days ago and yesterday morning I noticed another one had pipped but at the wrong end and it hasn't made a hole through the white membrane. Last night, I helped chip off some pieces of shell and put it back under the hen. This morning it had chipped off shell about the size of a fifty cent piece, right dead center of the egg, so I took off shell all the way around the cap, but not puncturing the membrane. I can't hear any cheaping and there doesn't seem to be much movement, but the last piece of shell I took off came with a pinprick of bright red blood that bled like it would if you had pricked your finger (I stopped and put it back at that point). Does that mean its still alive? I am hoping it is able to get out with the amount of shell I took off, but I've only hatched eggs once before and I seem to remember them poking through the membrane at some point? When I get home from work, if it is still in the egg, I would like to intervene but am afraid of killing it.


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Jan 13, 2011
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If you see blood, stop. Sounds like he's not ready yet. Give it some time and see. If he's not making nay progress still today, he might be shrink wrapped and need some help. Sorry no one answered sooner.
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