Hen acting fine, but not eating?


Jun 14, 2022
I have a 6 year old Ameracauna. She hasn't layed eggs for a couple years now. She has always been petite and not a super hungry girl. Recently she had diarrhea and was acting out of it. The bet gave her vitamin b, de wormer, pain relief and antibiotics. For a while she seemed better and was quite happy eating mealworms and sunflower seeds. I was trying to get her to put on some weight as she was underweight. She had sunflower seeds and/or mealworms stuck in her crop for 2 days. I got worried and took her to another vet. They could not see her but gave me Emeraid to treat her with. That moved the stuff out of her crop and she has been on it ever since (2 weeks). She is acting very normal, alert and looks great other than losing her beard, I don't know why. But, she has low interest in eating or drinking. She had previously been a very thirty hen. Now I see her doing a little yard pecking but I don't ever really feel anything in her crop, nor do I see her at the pellets or water bowl. If I stop forcing her Emeraid I fear she would die. I don't know what to do.
I'm sorry your hen is not doing well.

What's her poop like?
If you have photos you wish to share, that would be good.

If she's not laid eggs in a couple of years, a reproductive disorder like cancer, EYP, etc. may be the cause of her decline.

I'd continue to encourage her to eat her feed, give the meds and supplements the vet has prescribed. See that her crop is emptying. If you happen to lose her, a necropsy through your state lab would give you the best information about what was going on.

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