Hen acting lethargic, egg without shell?


10 Years
Jun 14, 2009
1) Buff Brahma Hen, 3 years old
2) Found her lethargic and not interested in eating this afternoon.
3) She has been this way only this afternoon/evening
4) No other birds are ill
5) No sign of trauma anywhere, I even bathed her rear end
6) She would not eat earlier today, but I moved her inside and she did eat some scrambled eggs.
7) When I moved her inside she laid down for awhile and then got up and let out what looks like egg without shell. She promptly ate the raw egg.
8) I have moved her inside, fed her scrambled eggs, gave her probiotics - trying to figure out what to do next

My question is, does she have shell stuck inside of her? What sort of flush should I use? I bathed her rear and could not find anything that looked out of the ordinary. Any help is appreciated!
Hi. Here is a link for odd eggs or accidents of the reproductive system. One includes an egg with no shell. I think this will help ease your mind about the egg shell.


I wish you luck with her other issues.
I wish I could help further.
Sabrina thanks for posting the link about odd eggs. I only have chicks so far but I'll keep an eye out for oddities once they start laying.
Hi, I have the same issue. I checked the link listed and did a bit of googling and never really found a good answer for what was going on. That being, I have a hen laying just egg with no shell and no membrane. I've gotten rubber eggs before and didn't worry too much but this membrane less layer has been acting lethargic all day and it has me a bit worried. Did your hen recover from this? Was it in fact an impacted egg?
She did recover. I still have no idea what was wrong! I gave her a warm bath and the next day she was much better!
give your girl calcium.....plain greek yogurt, buttermilk, pulverized eggshells, oyster shell, tums in her water, but she also needs vitamin D to absorb the calcium. I put 5 drops of Polysol vitamins (NO IRON) in a quart of my girls' water in the beginning, then apple cider vineager with the Mother (Braggs) in their water later.

Buy some poultry vitamins/electrolytes from your local feed store.

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