Hen acting like she has coccidiosis ...


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Oct 25, 2015
About an hour ago one of my hens was not walking and would not eat or drink anything .. her feathers are all ruffled and she was just slowing moving and seemed out of it. Also her poop was pure white and clear liquid. I ran to get some Corid to treat her and when I came back she was out walking around free ranging with the rest of the girls. My question is should I still treat them or wait and see how she does through the night and into tomorrow? She still isn't 100% her normal self but she's back up eating. What the heck!?
She's about 7 almost 8 months old ... I left her out in the yard with the other girls to free range and when it was time for them to go back in I picked her up to bring her in the garage to check her over real good before she went to bed because her feathers were still ruffled and her crop was really big and while I was walking she popped an egg out without a shell ... so now I'm wondering if she was just struggling with that egg all afternoon because after it came out she went right to eat and drink and was clucking like normal (she makes the most noise out of them all) and she wasn't all puffed up anymore .. now I'm confused !?!

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