Hen acting sleepy with expanded crop

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  1. I have a hen that keeps on closing her eyes and it's the already daytime .She also has a expanded crop. I found her in the run just standing there acting sleepy. she can walk but she just wont move a whole lot. I have her isolated for now with feed and water mixed with some apple cider vinegar. Is she ok ? any help will be appreciated.
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    If her crop is full already she may have sour crop or if it is hard, impacted crop. Get some plain yogurt and give her some. The ACV is good, and can be put in the water 1/2 ounce per gallon. Check her stools--coccidiosis can make them droopy and feeling poorly, and they will have diarrhea or sometimes blood in the stools. Crop problems can happen at the same time. Here is a link to read: http://www.the-chicken-chick.com/2012/04/answers-from-chicken-vet-on-impacted.html
  3. Thanks I'll feed her some yogurt and see if that helps. I'll keep you informed.
  4. she hasn't pooped yet. are there any other things I can look for? Shes acting the same right now. she is drinking plenty of water at least.
  5. Hey " Eggcessive" I have a update. the hen just threw up a few minutes ago. its mainly liquid with a little feed in it. is this ok.
    I appreciate your willingness to help
  6. she just pooped. it was mainly brown with a little green also there was a big leaf (from a tree in it) it looks like she swallowed it whole. could that have been the problem

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