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    Dec 5, 2013
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    So I have four hens that are all healthy, active, and playful. However, one of my hens, a Barred Rock, has been acting quite strange lately. She will go into the coop and pace back and forth. She might jump onto one of the roosts for about a minute, and then jump into the nesting box like she is about to lay an egg, but does not. She even sings the egg laying song. It's almost as if she feels like she can't get comfortable. She is right at a perfect laying age as well. Does this mean that she is going to be laying rather soon? Is this normal behavior for a hen who is about to lay?
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    Pullets, in my experience, practice before the big event! Yay! You should be getting eggs soon.
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    If this is a young bird, yes, she is about to lay an egg. Even adult birds will do this when they are about to lay or thinking about laying an egg. My girls look like they are very frustrated sometimes hopping in and out of the boxes, going outside, going back in. LOL Eventually that egg has to come out and they get down to business!
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    My Barred Rocks made such a big racket before laying their eggs. It lasted less than a day and eventually they did. Sometimes even now, 4 months later, they'll let the world know they've got an egg coming. I just wish they'd use those nice nesting boxes I built!

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