Hen acts as if she has narolepsy


8 Years
Sep 1, 2011
We have 9 chickens. 6 layers, 2 pullets and a young rooster. Our coop is a little over a month old and this is is our first time raising chickens. The beding is woodchips and the house is raised with a shade area beneath.
One of the laying hens , starting 5 days ago, dropping her head and falling asleep while on her feet. A day or so later 2 more behaved the same way. They are 2 Ameraucana's and a Red Star about 1 1/2 yrs old. They have no injuries or visiable external parasites. They are eating organiic feed and free range. Even though they are sleeping and getting a late start in the morning they are eating and drinking. Just not a lot of energy.
There has been a little runny poop here and there but not sure which chicken it is from. The Red Star was the last to have this behavior and she seems to be recovering quicker than the others.
I am giving them Electrolite water and fresh greens along with summer squash, yogurt. foods to help to keep them cool in additiion to the normal food.
The extension service person recommended rubbing their crop since she thought it could be impacted giving electrolites and anti-biotics. Crop seems fine. I don't want to give anit-biotics unless there is a real need. I have no real way of isolating the 3 girls.
. Everyone seems to be off laying. We may get 2 eggs a day, down from 3 to 4 a day. We have had two weeks of 95 plus temps and very dry. I have watered down the coop and their runs and all the above. Is this heat exhaustion? If so what else can I so to help them get through this? Thanks
You might think about sending a poo sample to the vet for a fecal test for worms.

If they are over a year old, runny poo, decreased energy, decreased laying, that COULD mean worms. They aren't always visible in the poo when you look at it.

An alternative is to worm them anyway, but there is a period of time where you must toss the eggs with worming medications.

if you scroll down this describes worms a bit

Are they shaking their heads at all? Like trying to get something off their necks? (Mites are often not visible on the chicken at a glance.)

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