Hen acts normal but has feathers missing on bottom

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    Shirley is 14 months old, an "assorted red" hen. She looks and acts normal but yesterday showed this bare spot on her bottom (on the tummy side of the vent) where feathers are gone. I bathed her, put Bactine on, and later antibiotic ointment, kept her in a crate for a while before returning her to the other 8 hens. She eats and drinks, scratches in the dirt, seems fine other than the red featherless spot. The others haven't seemed to bother it except in the one photo when one poked at her. Any ideas? Thank you. (And thanks for the help in uploading photos.)
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    Are there pictures?
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    The easiest way to upload pics : https://www.backyardchickens.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=504

    for mites/lice. It's easiest at night when they are roosting, shine a flashlight on their rear ends. If anything moves, it's likely mites.

    Hens will attack a wounded or sick hen, to the point of killing it. It would be good to separate her until she heals.

    Are they getting enough protein in their diet? Low protein can cause feather picking.

    Be careful with the meds - things that have painkillers along the 'caine lines can be toxic to chickens.

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