Hen Aggression

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  1. Whenever I pick up one of my hens and then go to set her back down the other hens attack her. What gives? Is this just part of the pecking order. It seems to happen to every hen that I pick up. No matter what breed.

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    Stop picking them up. [​IMG]
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    You coulld create a distraction when you place her down, such as throwing some scratch or apples or other treats. . .. I guess we have been pretty lucky with our flock, gentle breeds and not much fighting or pecking.
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    Gonna throw this out there, no scientific proof to back it up. If you are picking up a lower hen in the pecking order that could be causing this. Maybe start by holding the top girl first and work your way down the order, then next time reverse it and see if there is a difference in behavior.
  5. Thanx I'll try that.

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    My Rhode Island Red would do that any time I picked up one of my other 3 when they were younger, they are barred and partridge rocks, the RIR seems to be at the bottom of the pecking order and my one barred is for sure the top. The other 3and I, just ignored her and then she finally stopped doing it. I do believe it's a pecking order thing though. They are now 17 weeks old.

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