Hen and her 16 chicks


10 Years
Mar 29, 2009

Mother Hen (a cross) and 15 of her 16 chicks. She had a nest hidden in the bush and one day she walked out with 16 bumblebee sized chicks in tow. She was sitting on 18 eggs.
I knew she was laying eggs in that area but I couldn't find her.
From the looks of the chicks the Father must be the SG Dorking.
Yup the Hen is mine across of a Welsumer and a Brahma, going to keep the babies. I think half are Roosters. They will have to go away.
She is a good Mother, very protective. The chicks are wary of humans but pretty sure that will change when they get older
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At first glance I thought she was sitting with a flock of pigeons! Wow! That's a lot of chicks!

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