Hen attacked by coon


6 Years
Feb 11, 2013
Grass Valley, CA
Night before last my Buttercup was attacked by a coon. She is missing a few feathers on her back, has a few small cuts on her head and her left eye is almost completely shut. I can see movement through the small slit that's open. She hasn't eatten although her craw feels like is still has food in it. I gave her some pedealite (for baby people, with electralights) with a eye dropped. She has tried to drink from the feeder herself a couple of times. I'm concerned because she use to be a very skittish and now I can carry her all over. I'm keeping her from the other chickens as one tried to go after the new wounds. I put her in the 10 by 10 chicken tracker with the new babies (9 weeks) they don't mind her being there. She really doesn't walk around much. She seems to be sleeping, but won't lay down. Keeping her in small dog crate in the house at night. What else can I do? She is my baby, and faired much better then my oldest hen, that tried to fight off the raccoon. Please help me.
Poor Buttercup. She is probably was physically in shock so keeping her warn is important. It sounds like she is coming out of it, and I am glad she is drinking a bit. Hopefully she will start eating on her own soon - the digestive system can slow down after experiencing shock. You can put neosporin ointment around her eye ( not cream and not the pain relief formulation) or vetrycin can be use. Of course you can use this on the other cuts as well. Hopefully her eye is just swollen and will open up soon.
TY. I have been keeping her with my 2 month old pullets. The others from the flock tried to attack her. She seems happy and is still laying, eye is still swollen but hope this does last long. Will keep you posted.
If she is still laying that is a very good sign. That is the one thing a stressed chicken won't do, aside from eating and drinking.

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