Hen attacked by fox


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Jun 7, 2012
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A few days ago, Thursday or Friday, I think (my days run together) I found my hen in the coop laying down with blood on her face. I immediately brought her inside and tired to clean off her head. I fed her the day before and she was fine, but I guess that night she got attacked.
At first I thought it was a raccoon but after some research, it looks like foxes for for the head.

Anyway, shes been in the house with me, since shes my last hen. Shes been really quiet. Her face and head have some cuts on them, she has a hole in her beak. I'm worried about her eyes, she hasn't really opened them since shes been in the house. She sort of opened one today.

I've been trying my best to clean her head with diluted iodine, shes really sensitive, so shes unhappy about me cleaning her. I've been putting Tritop and neosporin on her head after I clean it. And I have some ophthalmic drops that I've been dropping on the outside of her eyes, since her eyes aren't open.

I've been giving her water with save-a-chick in it, along with some extra calcium since shes molting on top of everything. I made a pellet slurry to syringe feed her, and I've also been giving her Critical Care which is syringable food for rabbits, but figured it couldn't hurt. I've added some antibiotics and asprin into her water as well.
She seems unable to eat or drink on her own, I don't know if its because she can't see or because of the hole and bruising on her beak, but I've been having to feed and water her by hand the whole time.

I think I might be on the verge of tube feeding her, since I'm not able to give her much more than 20 cc's of food at a time, and about 10 cc's of water.

She is so quiet, she will either stand with her head down, or tucked under her wing. Or just lay down with her head under her wing. Shes responsive to light and sound, she'll look towards a noise or move around as I walk by her.

She also has a broken wing, but I feel like thats the least of my worries right now, and I've wrapped it up in vet tape to keep it secure to her side. She's pooped a few times, its like the white fluffy poop ball, with a little bit of loose brown poop around it. I have a poop guide somewhere that I need to consult, I guess.

Is there anything else I should be doing for her? I don't have a vet that sees chickens.
Any and all suggestions are welcome!
It sounds like you are on the right track. Keep her in a dark or dim, cool (if it's hot where you are or warm if it's cold where you are) and quiet place and give her some space. Check in on her three or four times a day and leave some tempting food where she can get it if she wants. Only make her eat before you go to bed if she hasn't eaten anything on her own all day. Give her plain water twice a day only if she is not drinking. I would leave the antibiotics off. Only use antibiotic ointment on any open wounds. Chickens have an incredible ability to heal themselves. Good luck, I hope she recovers fully.
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Thanks! I've been feeding her at night and letting her hang out in the living room a little bit, on a blanket to stretch her legs. Shes in a semi-small kennel because of her wing. She can stand up and turn around, but thats it.

I did put her in a kennel outside today in the sun, to see if maybe that would perk her up. She preened herself a little bit while out there, but didn't peck at anything.

Maybe I'll cook some eggs and see if she'll eat them. I think her beak hurts, its really bruised.

Looks like, I might have myself an inside chicken!
My hen is still with me, shes fighting me more and more, but shes still really quiet.
I'm having a hard time getting her to eat still, its so hard to force feed her when she fights. One of her eyes is slightly open, the other one isn't. Shes starting to preen herself a lot more though, and it seems like her head is healing up well. She scratches her head a lot, they say when it itches its healing, right? I'm just hoping she starts to eat a little bit more! I'm going to make her an egg and see if she'll take that.

But its been a week and shes still here, so I guess shes a strong girl! I just wish the sun would come out, so she could warm her feathers in the sun.

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