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    long tory short: surprise broody, incubator hatch 2 weeks before she hatched. total of 16 chicks.

    one of the 2 week old chicks is all black and frizzled. some of her babies will be frizzled too but she doesn't know that yet. it's the only black and right now the only one she can tell is frizzled. she pecks and growls at it and won't let it be in front of her or with the main group of chicks. she doesn't mind at all if it's behind her, out in the grassy pen, to her side, etc. she let it sleep under her last night. it's the only one she acts this way toward.

    i am thinking one of 3 options:

    1. separate the black one and the runt of the litter into a completely separate brooding area and hope to integrate later on.
    2. separate black and runt into a closed off area of the same brooding house they are in now (there is plenty of room) with an opening into the same grassy pen. mama heating pad for that idea. integrate once all the chicks are older and hopefully a few more are frizzled at the very least
    3. let it be and trust that the amount of space is sufficient and this chick just needs to learn that it is bottom of the pecking order in her mind.

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