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6 Years
Jun 13, 2013
We just got our first egg last week! I am so so pumped to see how these creatures give us something so awesome to feed our family. Ok..So, I noticed right before my hen layed her egg that she was panting and none of the other chickens were doing that. She looked a bit frantic back and forth back and forth in the run while the others were outside foraging. So today I went out to let them out and she was doing the same thing (she didn't give us an egg yesterday so I'm sort of expecting she will today). She seems frantic and is up and down up and down from the coop. Is this normal? I'm worried that she is upset or scared. She is also making lots of noise which isn't typical of her. We have 5 hens and she is the first to lay. My sweet little Helen the Americauna.
She is probably wondering what the heck is happening to her. It usually takes them about a month to really adjust to the egg laing process.
Our Australorp named Chicken Little "announces" when she is done laying. She comes to their fence and clucks and makes a cooing noise. Our red named Nugget is more reserved. :)

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