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Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by ScrambledChick, Aug 9, 2014.

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    I haven't been on here for a long time. We got 4 hens about 14 months ago. They were 8 weeks. Two Black Stars, two Buff Orpingtons. One Orp died suddenly a month later. The remaining three have got along well and have been healthy. The Orp went broody in October, May and July. All three times I separated her from the others and put her in a rabbit cage in my garage for a few days. She would go back in the coop and they would chase her a little and then they were all fine. After the July broodiness she hurt her foot. I put her back in the cage to rest, her foot was better and I returned her. This was over a week ago and they are going after her like crazy. Now her foot is bad again from trying to run away and she's a mess. Limping, feathers pulled out, she's yelling when they go after her (5:30 this morning I had to go out there), her head had some dry blood so I have separated part of the run from the others and put food and water in for her. I am going to put a dog crate too so she has a place to get out of the rain and sun. I have talked to a couple of people (one is the farmer I got her from) the suggestions are keep her away from them during the day and let her sleep in the coop at night, rehome her, put blinders on the other birds or clip their beaks, let her stay separate but where they can see her and let her sleep in the crate at night. I am heart broken, she is my fave hen and the most bonded to me. I can pick her up, pet her, she will sit in my lap. Will this resolve soon? she can't sleep in that crate when the cold weather comes. I am lost as to what to do. Should I rehome the other two or the one picking on her the most? I know chickens should not live alone. I don't want to rehome her, I really like her. She also has not laid an egg since she was broody in July, so it's been a few weeks. I am going out to put something on her wounded head and look her over, check her foot. Seriously, it's been easier to take care of my 4 dogs than these 3 chickens lately! I told my husband we just should have got Silkies, who cares about the eggs. But then again they are chickens and would probably fight too. Thank for for any advice.
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    I would segregate the hen as before. Try to integrate, if it doesn't work, keep segregated. Might take a couple weeks. This kind of thing rarely lasts more than a month.
    Good Luck with it.

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