Hen breed?


6 Years
Jul 9, 2013
SW Washington
My mom got this hen from a lady who ordered too many from a hatchery. The hatchery listed her as a Cochin, but she has no feathers on her legs, she lays a tan egg, is short legged, has normally squatty stance (as seen in the pictures) and weighs about 13-ish lbs. Personally I think she is a 3 toed Dorking cross ;)

No idea what hatchery, but I know they offered leghorns which is what the rooster is above (same order of eggs as the hen)...or at least that hatchery said he was LOL
She weighs 13 pounds? How old is she, She looks suspiciously like a cornish rock or meat bird X.
Yep, right around 13 lbs, and mom agreed on the breed of Cornish (just talked to her)...she is 1 year old and is a horrible egg layer averaging 3 eggs a week

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