Hen can't lay soft shelled egg

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    May 8, 2013
    So it's me again. Another hen has a problem. Around 8 months old, ISA brown. Because of this I get quite a few soft shell eggs. Mostly happens during the night and I find them on the floor. But this one became very lethargic yesterday. I watched her and as she bent back to poop, a small piece of soft shell stuck out of her vent. I waited a few hours and she didn't manage to pass it. She still poops however. I waited for a chance to grab the shell, I tried to pull it out but it broke. The egg was already broken. How should I help her? The yolk and the rest of the shell didn't come out during the night. She's still eating and drinking but other than that she's sleeping all the time. Thanks.

    Another thing I noticed now is that she had bubbles at one eye and is watery. She had what looked like a popped vein.
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