hen doesn't like remodeling her coop!!


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Feb 15, 2012
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We decided to remodel our coop and one Deleware hen did not want us to! First thing was taking down the "make do" nest boxes then the few perchs we had up. We basiclly gutted the entire coop. The whole time we were taking down the old boxes Cinderella was right there trying to stand on the boxes even when it was only one board left. I'd sit her own the ground but she'd just jump right back up. Then when nothing was left, she was following my roomie all over the yard watching her and fussing. It was adorable! First thing we built was the new roosts and she was constantly in the middle of our working. Then she was looking for a temp box. LOL She finally found one! It's thier feeder!! And she left a nice large egg! So then Red had to check things out. Then she was back giving advice on how her boxes should be built. She was there for each nail lol Once finished she was a happy hen once again. Who ever says chickens are dumb hasn't been around them much. During this day we saw our roo gather food for his hens and run them in the coop when he felt they might be in trouble. That was an amazing day!!

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May 7, 2012
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We recently added a caged in area to our chicken coop and due to the limited space modified the nesting boxes. Once done we proceeded to add nine 8-week old chickens into the caged area. Our chickens didn’t lay eggs for 2 days, and when they did start, one of them started eating the eggs. After 2 weeks we still are dealing with pecked eggs. – Can’t wait until we let the new chickens out of the caged areas.. proceeded by adding in a handful of guinea hens to the caged area. My poor stressed out chickens. L


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Aug 8, 2011
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My chickens actually love change.. especially when I bring in new nesting boxes. If I take one out, they get very angry though... They REALLY love plastic pet carriers. Check out my rooster inspecting the broody crate when I took the chicks out for a playdate.. He brought all his best hens in for a look.
There was a line forming...
All this for a little blue cage..
He was very excited..

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