hen doesn't seam to know what she's doing and want to hatch some eggs!

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    Apr 13, 2011
    We had a little bantam hen that was broody and we were all excited about letting her set on some eggs as soon as it was warm enough. About the time we were ready to let her have them, our neighbors dog somehow got into our backyard (completely fenced) and killed our precious broody hen. We have another little hen that acts like she is broody, (pulled out her chest feathers and sits up in the nest box from time to time) and a cochin that will sit in the nest box from time to time, but as soon as me or my children come outside or open the gate to let them free range, they are up off the nest and to not return....

    Is there some way that I can encourage them to stay on it? We were really wanting to try to hatch a little bunch of eggs this spring. We are thinking hard about getting rid of our roo and won't have the oportunity after he's gone.
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    You might have to put them in a large dog crate, so they can't leave the nest. Most people usually remove broodys and eggs from the flock. If left in the pen, other hens could lay eggs in the nest or crack you broody's eggs. When she gets off the nest she might also go back to the wrong nest. I put my broody in a large wire dog crate.

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