Hen dragging tail, swollen head, shruken comb, not roosting or laying.

Golden Yoke

6 Years
Apr 15, 2013
Hello Chicken Lovers,
I am new to the forum due to the fact that I am out of solutions to try to cure my bird of what hinders her. For the past month my Barred Rock has been dragging her tail. Even when she eats it stays on the ground. She looks more like a penguin than a chicken. I first noticed over winter that her comb had shrunk and turned purple. As the weather got better and the chicken house got more fresh air her comb began looking better, though not the same as it once was. She does not lay or roost. She has enough energy to eat and run from the dog/cat but that is about it. I was about to cull her today but if I can fix her I would like to. That's why I'm here. Any ideas? When culling what do you all think is the kindest way to go about it? She still gets around but I don't want her to suffer and I really don't want to spread a sickness if that is the case. Many thanks.

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