Hen eating soft-shelled eggs

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    The crazy egg she laid two months ago after taking a six-month break.

    My Black French Copper Marans (2 years old) started laying soft shelled eggs about two months ago. To help her I started offering free-choice oyster shell, in addition to her feed (which also contains calcium). So far I have not seen an improvement in her egg shells. More troubling, is that I caught her in the act eating an egg. I had been finding wet spots, remainder of yolk and sometimes a piece of soft shell. But now I know she is eating them, as well.

    BACKGROUND: About two years ago, Loretta was bullied for a year by another bird in the flock. Sadly, it took me a long time to figure this out. She lost most of her belly and butt feathers, and stopped laying in that time. Once I rehomed the aggressive bird, Loretta laid beautiful eggs for about a month and a half last summer, but then stopped when her belly feathers started growing back. She didn't lay again until about two months ago, and it was a crazy-looking soft shell egg.

    Any suggestions or direction would be greatly appreciated. I work during the day so it's hard to collect eggs right as they are laid. I was home today and checked her in the box for three hours, and still managed to miss her deflate and eat a soft shelled egg. I just put three golf balls in the nest hoping that may help.
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    Hens will eat cracked or soft eggs, it's natural.

    A few things can cause soft eggs; stress,a few different diseases like bronchitis, poor nutrition and a defective or improperly working shell gland.
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