Hen exhausted eggs?


Crest Craver
Jun 6, 2020
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Hi, my BLP died recently. When pondering the cause, it seems she died from being egg bound. I have read on some websites that chickens can ‘exhaust’ their laying, and since polishes don’t lay much I wonder if that’s what happened. She was supposed to lay 2-3 eggs a week but she only took break days every two weeks. Also, two weeks before she died, she laid two irregular shaped eggs and her egg size was decreasing significantly. She didn’t lay for 5 days before she died. So did she exhaust herself, or is that a myth? Thanks for all the help in advance :)
When they hatch a pullet has all the ova she will ever have to form a yolk for an egg. It is theoretically possible that a hen can use up all of her ova, in the commercial egg laying business that is called a slick hen. Just because something us possible does not mean that it is likely. I don't know how many year your Polish hen had been laying at that rate. While it is possible she could run out of ova, it's not that likely.

If she were egg bound, it is not because she ran out of ova to make eggs. If she is not laying eggs she cannot become egg bound. Egg bound means an egg got stuck. If there are no eggs an egg cannot get stuck. Something else was the cause.

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