Hen found in run gasping for air...


11 Years
May 6, 2008
Old Chatham, NY
Found my 1 y/o Easter Egger gasping for air in run yesterday. She was fine day before. Reading on here about gapeworms which don't sound that common...brought her inside and keeping her warm and am treating with antiobiotcs as I'm at a loss. Doesn't have runny nose or eyes and picks at food and water but is totally consumed with just sitting there taking these HUGE breaths...at a loss here. Treated with ivermectin last night for possible gape worms...feel horrible for her. Any ideas or advice?
Sounds exactly the same as what happened to one of my chickens. After a few days of separation she stopped eating or driking and was getting worse so I had to go buy a new hatchet...

Tried giving duramycin but she wasn't drinking much and it was difficult to get it in her mouth.

Dont let a chicken choke to death slowly because you are to squeemish to end things fast. (not saying that you are)
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awwwwww im sorry i also have no advice
good luck hope she feels better

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