Hen has about 25 eggs but only sits on them half of the day........


7 Years
Jan 5, 2013
Sorry if this has been asked but I cant search site from my phone. I've tried and tried and it doesnt work. Anyway.... My hen has 25 eggs and only sits on them from about 5 or 6 am to noon or 1 pm then she is out and about. When she is sitting her and the roo are very protective and puffed up. But then they take off and go very far from nest. Im not sure what to do. Leave the eggs or throw them out. I really wanted to hatch some babies from the 2 but dont think that she is going to do the hatching. So do I need to throw the eggs in nest out and start collecting eggs for incubator or give her more time?
First of all, I think that's way too many for one hen to cover. If she's off of them for most of the day (does she sit on them at night, or roost?), I would guess that they're not going to hatch anyway. I would throw them out and start over. Maybe start collecting for an incubator if you want to be sure that you get some chicks from them.
Ok thanks! She covers most of them. I can see a couple peeking out from under her. Maybe 2 or 3. Shes just strange all puffy and nasty first part of day then happy go lucky the rest of the day. She roosts until early morning then sits. Then its like she gets tired of sitting around noon or so and takes off.
DJJD: Bobbi-j is right. I think that 25 eggs is 10 too many for a large hen and 12-15 too many for a small hen, especially if the eggs are normal large to extra large. This hen is a hopeless case as a broody. She should leave the nest only to eat and do business and stretch a little. A good broody will take a break of no more than 30 minutes. Throw the eggs away. Break her up. Get a different hen or bator. Good luck and best wishes. Is she even broody for sure because she roosts normally at night and then sits for a few hours in the AM?
When I let them out her and roo start nipping at me and the roo attacks me and chases me off. She sits for several hours and he stay really close to coop guarding her. Then she comes out and off they go. I have 5 babies a friend gave and hoping I have some hens. They all act roo-ish but I can see 2 are Roos. (Well I think they are) dont know what they are either. I asked and she said well they came from a lady who has a bunch of different breeds. Some large some banty's. Both large and banty's laid in same box so dont know who belongs to who. Lol... They are only 2 months right now. So guess I'll have to incübate or wait. :(

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