hen has been sleeping most the day with little activity


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I have a red sexlink that is around 1year old. I just got her 1 week ago. She was really active on friday and my son was feeding her raw fish from the creek and worms that he caught, but on saturday night I found her sleeping outside and not willing to go inside. I put her in the coop and Sunday morning she walked out drank some water and fell asleep standing at water. Then since Saturday she hasn't laid egg, but just walks a little then goes to sleep. She eats a little and drinks a little, but goes back to sleep. She has had what appears to be a little blood in her poop. Other than that no more symptoms. These are my first chickens so I am clueless. I gave electrolytes in the water, I have feed her food mixed with yogurt, sprinkled DE on food, fed her lettuce. I just have no idea of what is going on.
The poo and your description of your behaviour match up. She is not eating enough and drinking too much. What colour is her comb? When was the last time she laid an egg?
It is best to not feed raw fish to chickens, as they can get parasites from them, I have read on BYC.

Earthworms also can carry worms to chickens...they will catch them on their own of course, but I wouldn't feed them on purpose to them.

If her poo has shed intestinal lining it is of no cause for concern.

However, a hen that has been placed on new soil can come down with coccidiosis, since she may not be immune to that particular type of cocci. If she isn't having diarrhea then I would not treat her for that personally, unless she sat with feathers fluffed up as if cold, etc.

Nutcase pointed out the possibility of worms and mites/lice with a pale comb, and that is very wise to check into.

There could be bacterial or viral diseases also...there are so many things that can make a hen not be active.

Check her crop in the morning to make sure it is empty as it should be, and not sour crop or impacted crop.
Check her abdomen to make sure she doesn't have ascites or eggyolk peritonitis.
Check her vent to make sure she doesn't have an egg stuck (eggbound) with a gloved lubricated finger. If she does you can also put her in a warm water bath for 15 minutes to relax the muscles.

Check under her wings and vent area for bugs.
Check her mouth to look for canker.
Check her feet to look for lifted scales (scaly leg mites) or bumblefoot (black scab).
Good advice. I would feed cooked fish to my chickens given the chance, but not raw. Worms/mites seems likely. If she had an egg problem she would probably have her feathers fluffed out and possibly a swollen/matted bottom.
this is her status now with poop pic. She had more energy yesterday, but today barely eating or drinking.the Poop is clear watery with white in the middle.
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I would start her on Corid liquid 2 tsp per gallon of water for 5 days for coccidiosis. If you find that something else is wrong, you can stop it, but time is of the essence with coccidiosis. You said she had some blood in the poop earlier, and it doesn't have to be present for cocci to be there.

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