Hen has deep gashes, gangrene from over enthusiastic rooster


10 Years
May 3, 2009
Stratford CT
My favorite hen is unfortunately also my young rooster's favorite. She has been hanging around in the coop for two days, I thought it was because she was avoiding him jumping her five times a day. I picked her this evening and realised she has two deep gashes on her back, one stinks with gangrene. I gave her antibiotics in her water, and vet Rx for chickens. What else can I do? Can I apply anything directly to her wound or is it too late as it is so infected? Can a vet do anything for her? She seems perky right now but I am worried she is going to die of blood poisoning.

Any advice is appreciated!
Separate her from the rooster immediately. Check your other hens he may be injuring more. Sounds like saddles are in order for your hens and a nail and spur trimming for your rooster. Chckens generally recover from this damage quite readily, but remain ever susceptible to re injury.
I separated her immediately. Where can I get saddles, I haven't heard of this, although it's a good idea. He doesn't even have spurs yet, it must be his nails doing the damage, he's getting a trim tomorrow whether he likes it or not. Thanks for the advice.
Here is a saddle I make for my Orpingtons:


They needed the side flaps because of that same injury. I had to remove scabs and dirt from the wounds, flush with saline (you can use a weak betadine solution) and give injectible penicillin for 3 days. They heal up pretty well from those if you keep them separated. Vet Rx does nothing for wounds like that. It's not an antibiotic. Antibiotic ointment can be slathered on the wound, but nothing with "caine" pain killers like benzocaine.
Thank you. I gave her antibiotics in her drinking water, I figured it wouldn't be enough but it was all I had on hand. I'll try the vet tomorrow for the injectable kind.

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