Hen has large hard lump between eye & nostril???


6 Years
May 15, 2014
Steuben County NY
Suggestions anyone? A friend asked me to take her birds as she is moving and can't take them. Of course I won't put them in with birds until I can be sure they are not carrying anything such as illness, lice or mites. When looking them over I noticed one hen, a salmon favorelle, had watery eye, looking closer I find she has a large lump/growth kind on under her eye yet between her eye and nostril. She acts as if it effects her breathing as well because she sits with her mouth open trying to breath. No discharge from nostril and no foul odors. What could this be and how do I go about treating it??
In humans it would be a blocked tear-duct. I'm not sure if chickens have tear-ducts?
Treatment for humans - very hot compresses, then massage area, followed by anti-biotic eye drops.

Best I can do :)
I have a bantam with the exact same problem; she now has a thin layer of white/grey in the lower part of her eye on same side as the lump...please offer suggestions, she‘s my best little friend :(

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