Hen has runny poop but, no worms in it? should i be concerned?

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Jan 31, 2009
Sonoma County
just one of my hens has runny poo? she happens to be the one who always gets the worms i throw in there fron time to time. what should i do about this? thank you very much.
is she the only one?

you may want to cut back on the worms for a few days and see if that changes her poo....to many treats will give them the runs
Hi there,
Are they earthworms that you give her? They can give a hen roundworms.
You should look carefully to see if you can observe any roundworms in her feces.

Has she had runny poo for a long time, or just for one day? Veggies can give a hen the runs.

How is she otherwise? Is she eating and drinking well?

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