Hen Has Stopped Laying. Please HELP!!!


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Apr 18, 2016
My hen has layed 4 eggs total in 6 days. She didn't lay one yesterday or today. She is sleeping standing up, her crop seems empty (it is 4:30), and she isn't moving. I just fed her a mash and a few minutes later she layed an egg. She was still just standing there and another chicken went over and tried to eat the yolk out of it(the shell was soft). I quickly grabbed the egg and threw it out of the coop, but there was still some yolk that she was trying to eat... I covered it up and she still tried eating it, so I smushed it underneath dirt. Some of the other chickens tried eating it too. How do I make sure my chickens won't try to eat the next egg... And is there anything wrong with my chicken that wasn't laying?... This is all happening when I am typing... She just layed another soft egg and all of the chickens ran over to eat it!!! How do I stop them?! The hen that was laying seems fine now and isn't lethargic like before
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