Hen has trouble hatching eggs


May 28, 2015
My hen laid on eggs twice. 11 the first time and 13 the second time. The first time none hatched and the seond time half were rotten and half were just yellow runny yolk. She is half bantam, and we took he bad eggs away a couple weeks ago. She just laid 10 and began sitting again yesterday. She is free range. Does she have too many eggs and can't turn them? Should I take 3-4 away so she can have more room? Why cant she ever hatch eggs? Please help thanks!!
Glad you joined the flock!
My two silkie hens did the same, you probably have too many eggs. A bantam can only handle about 10 eggs at most, even that was too much for my bantam hen. She didn't hatch ANY. I would give her between 6-9 eggs. The less eggs you have the better chance they'll hatch than more eggs since they'll all be turned to the outside sooner or later and chill. Do you have a rooster? Maybe the eggs aren't even fertile. You can candle them to see.
The picture wont upload, she hangs with a rooster all day, her nest is in a corner behind some plants
I need to see shaped of nest bowl and what might be in contact with eggs in the nest. Large clutch in bowl to deep does not roll well. Other things in contact with eggs can either kill embryos or increase odds one egg will break killing others.

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