Hen having difficulty after first egg after molt


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Mar 11, 2018
Please if somebody can give me some advice my lovely keppie who have hand raised from one day old appears to be having a difficult time after laying her first egg after a long molt she tries to walk and does okay the first few steps but then she kind of takes baby steps and then eventually squats down and sits and she looks like she's in a bit of pain and she sounded like she was straining a bit when she laid the egg. What should I do I'm worried about her I don't have a lot of money to go to a vet she is just a little over a year old and very healthy I feed her freeze-dried mealworms As a treat every day I also give her kale which she loves and your basic feed corn and oyster shells am I missing something in her diet maybe? the egg she laid was her usual Beautiful Brown perfect shaped egg same size usual.
thank you for any input anybody has I really appreciate it.


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Apr 3, 2011
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Give her a human calcium tablet with vitamin D3, Tums, or take a whole egg cooked, and put it in a food processor to grind up, and feed it to her. The tablet can be given in the back of the throat, or crushed and feed in a small treat such as egg, canned cat food, or cheese. Low calcium levels can cause egg binding. It also helps to make sure that she is drinking plenty of water, and you can hold a small lid or cup up to her beak. To check for a stuck egg, insert a finger into the vent up to 2 inches to feel for an egg (wear a disposable glove if you have one.) A warm shallow soak in a warm room inside the house for about 20 minutes may relax her enough to lay an egg.

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