Hen help please Egg bound?

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    One of my hens was looking strange yesterday I went to get a closer look and I could see what looked like an egg sticking out. A closer look I could see that it did not have a hard shell. It looked like a white bubble. The other chickens were starting to peck at it so I put them back in the coop and left her alone in the run. Her wings looked droopy and she was not moving around much. She jumped up and down on the roost a few times and the egg broke. I got some gloves and was able to remove most of the soft shell.I could see a bit sticking out but I could not get it out easily and did not want to injure her so I left it. Today she does not look good and is not moving around much and her tail is down unlike the rest of the hens. Any help would be great. Thanks

  2. I would suggest that you do one of the following after separating her fron the flock.

    a) Place her on a warm heating pad which is covered with a large rag or towel. Put the hat on medium and keep her there for about an hour, checking to see she is not too hot. If feasible, do this on your lap, but she would probably stay on it in a cage. Do not leave her alone with an electric cord plugged in. Second option is covered hot water bottle.


    b) Give her a warm shallow belly bath. Again, takes about an hour and you must be with her the entire time.

    Both methods will get messy as she expells the mass. She will feel better as it is expelled, the bath will clean her, as an added bonus.

    If you are forced to remove any shell, do so with latex gloves and/or tweezers and dispose of hygienically. Examine her for signs of infection. She sounds like she is in pain. The heat will allow her to expand the vent. Egg shards can cut and this will lessen the chance.

    Feed: regular pellets of mash softened with water; yogurt, shredded apple, get some electrolytes in her water. Watch closely!

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