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  1. key1969

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    Aug 10, 2013
    Anna, Texas
    My Orpington Hen has what looks like a broken toe with an open wound. Two years I have had chickens and never any health issues. Not sure how to clean this. She is putting weight on it but limps a bit. Eating well. Can you tell me where to start with taking care of this? I am sure an antibiotic ointment might help and keeping her caged. I feel terrible for her and even more terrible I do not know what to do. TIA. :)
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    Aug 11, 2014
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    Grab something wet and gently clean it off really well. Do you see a round, black scab on the bottom in the middle? If so, that's bumblefoot, and there are eleven billion articles on here that talk about treatments and after-care. :)

    If there's no scab, it's likely an injury. You can bring her inside in a dog crate with a towel. Wrap her in a towel to keep her calm, clean the wound with warm saline, put some honey or antibacterial ointment ***without painkiller*** on it, and wrap it with a little non-stick gauze and (any color but RED) athletic tape or Vet Wrap if you have some. Repeat every few days until the wound heals. Keep her inside until she stops limping. If it is broken, know her toe might fall off in the future - she will suffer no harm from this happening, if it does.

    Either way, I would make SURE it's not bumblefoot before just treating it like an injury.

    Please keep us updated!

  3. key1969

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    Aug 10, 2013
    Anna, Texas
    Thank you MrsB! I did use a wet towel and cleaned it up. A few scales came off on the top of her toe. I didn't really see any "black scab" on the bottom, but I need to look again in the morning. She is inside in a crate and I am sure she feels better in here.
    I will check her tomorrow morning and read up on the bramblefoot.
    Thanks again for the help! :)
  4. Eggcessive

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    Warm epsom salts soaks to to foot will soothe and help cleanse the foot go help see any injuries. Betadine applied to an injury will heal in healing, and prevent infection.

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