hen i hope! But what breed???


9 Years
May 18, 2010
I just received this chick from a friend who got it from another friend... it came from a hatchery with seramas in a bantam mix any suggestions?
Oh, i tried to post some with my phone but I guess it didnt work! Sorry here are some pictures of her.




I think it might be a bantam silver campine?
She came in a hatchery mix, i know there are seramas in the mix but i dont know what if any other breeds were in it... Could she just be a serama? I know they come in virtually any color...
If she is a mix she could have serama in her. My serama pullet I have has the same pattern. I call mine an osprey. Lol. But otherwise yours isn't shaped like a serama.
thats what i thought, but if she is a bantam campine she has the wrong leg color cuz hers are yellow and campines are slaty blue....
So glad you said that last post!! I have a little girl whos color is just like that but has the blueish legs. So I am gonna go with sliver campine for mine. The only difference is that she is smaller. I mean built smaller, how old was the one in the picture?

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