hen in distress!!


15 Years
Apr 9, 2008
fort bragg nc
one of my black sex links is having probs. looks like she's yawning, stretching her neck out and trying to swallow air. i dont know what it could be. she's a bit large in the abdomen, but i thought maybe she was just larger than the other hens. i dont know what to do. i'm quite worried. no other chickens are doing this and she may have had symptoms since last week where i cought her doing almost the same thing, i just thought maybe it was a full crop. can someone please help?
thanks for the bump, i dont know what is going on. it's like she's hickupping with her whole body. while mouth is open. oh man, never had anything go wrong with my chickens before and i dont knwo what to do
two things occured to me,

one is an impacted crop... you can tell this by feeling the pouch across her breastbone, if it is hard and does not empty over night then pour a little veg oil down her throat and a little warm water, sometimes if you do that and then hold her upside down with her head towards the floor, you can massage the crop and it will loosen whatever is in there and it will come out her mouth.

If that doesn't help its a trip to the vet or their is a thread by a lady who operated as a last resort on her chicken, showing you what she did.

The other thing that occured to me was gape worm. There seems to be a number of different methods to treat this and I have no experience of it so I would look it up on other threads if I was you.

Hope you get sorted out and she is feeling better soon. good luck.
* It's possible, too, that she may just be moving a lot of food from her crop to her gizzard. Might have eaten too much or not taken in enough water, so she's dealing with a "thick mix" in her crop. Olive oil, yogurt and water mixed and drizzle heavily over a couple little pieces of bread may help. Make sure she's drinking enough water, too.

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