Hen is listless, breathing hard, full crop

Gray Ghost

9 Years
Feb 13, 2010
My six month old black sex link hen was apparently healthy until just an hour ago I noticed she was listless (just lies there, does not try to walk) and breathing heavily. She did not resist or struggle or squat as she normally would when I picked her up. I can feel that her crop is very very full. It feels like whole kernel feed corn. She may have got into my deer bait pile which is whole kernel feed corn. Do you think she has an overfull crop? Is there a cure / treatment?

Should I normally avoid allowing my chickens access to whole kernel feed corn?

Thanks in advance.

Whole kernel feed corn is not good for chickens. Especially alot of it. Separate her, and withhold feed for 24 hrs, and see what it looks like tomorrow morning. Make sure she has water to drink. Chickens that eat an excessive amount of grain can get an impacted crop. That's why you should separate and withhold her feed, for 24 hrs, and re-evaluate tomorrow. Hope this helps.
UPDATE: It has now been almost 24 hours since I found this hen listless, breathing hard and not moving. Overnight I segregated the hen and gave her water and kept her away from food.

This morning she had laid an egg (paper thin shell, broke upon being laid) and had defecated copiously. Her crop was empty, so I do not think the problem was an impacted crop. She is still listless -- no energy to walk -- but seems to be in less distress. I am keeping her segregated and I have made water and chicken feed available to her.

I am now wondering if she may have been attacked by a predator and may have internal injuries. Or perhaps it is some disease.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.


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