Hen is missing - what is mate doing?


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May 7, 2011
Liberty NC (near Burlington)
I had two pairs of Guineas. An owl took one hen, and the next day her mate disappeared. I put the other pair away for a few days to keep them safe in hopes that the predator would look elsewhere. Let them out this afternoon, and 15 minutes later, the male was hanging with the chickens, calling out once in a while, but nothing frantic or alarmed........but there was no sign of the hen. We walked everywhere, and no feathers, etc. He is now roosting in the tree outside the chicken coop, alone.

Here's my question.....obviously she either got preyed upon, or she got broody and is sitting on eggs somewhere. Considering the male's behavior, what is more likely?
It seems like a few days of being penned up would have broken her broodiness if that's what she was doing before the first Hen was taken... but ya never know with Guineas. Did she lay any eggs while she was penned? And if she was taken, it seems like he'd be shaken up, but again, you just never know with Guineas.

Watch the male tomorrow, and off and on thru the day try calling him for treats if he's not around, see where he comes running from and look in that area. He may lead you to her when he's done munching down too, or at least give you a general direction to look. He may go sit near her, or you may see him standing tall as if on the lookout and he'll start complaining to you for coming near. I'd also listen for quiet little murmurs and whistles from her as you are looking for her. She probably won't move even if you are right on top of her, so be sure to look everywhere 2 or even 3 times. I've walked right past eggs and Hens on eggs 2-3 times in a day before I finally just about tripped over them.

Hope you find her, and a big ol pile of eggs!
That's what has us confused. When the first hen was taken by the owl, her mate was frantic, crazy and nutso. This male is calm and acting normal. So, we followed him some today, and looked in the general area he was hanging out. She could have been in there on a nest (we have seen them there a lot in the past) but it's dense scrubby stuff and she could have been keeping still. Will check again tomorrow! This is the hen that had been eluding us for weeks! We couldn't find her ding-dang nest to save our lives. So, there may very well be a nest somewhere, and hopefully she is sitting on it, and not dead.

Yes, she was laying while we had her penned up.
If she was laying while penned then I kind of doubt she went broody on a nest in just a day, but it is possible. Maybe her internal switch all of a sudden said hey you've been laying for 30 days (or however many), here's a pile of eggs, time to brood. That's not usually how it works with my Hens tho... at the start of being broody they will still come running when I call them for treat time and feeding time.

I hope you find her and something didn't get her!
She showed up this afternoon for an hour and disappeared again. Glad to know she is ok, but don't know where she keeps disappearing to. Meanwhile, the male is running with the chickens when she isn't around, lol.

Who knows what's going on. Hopefully I will have some time over the weekend to follow her.
Ok, since she's not dead, she's on a nest somewhere. Dingdong bird, the eggs were cold while she was locked up. Hope you find the nest, take her eggs and destroy her nesting spot. Ohhh the joy of laying season!
I have looked, and looked, and looked, and looked, and looked, and looked...........I should start a pool. Here are the choices for bets - is the nest in the brushy area between the big pasture and the pond? Or is it in the hedge just beyond the front gate? Despite mosquito bites galore, a nasty spider bite, a couple of checking-for-tick sessions with my husband that actually turned out kind of cool, and cleaning spider webs out of my hair, I still haven't found it.

Who's betting first??

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