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    Aug 23, 2011
    Hey hope someone can assist:

    I have a hen 1 and 1/2 years old kept with a small flock. She started out limping, then went to not being willing to stand. In the last few days she has refused to leave the coop but occasionally moves around in it. Dash (that's her name) has been using her wings to help with her movement. Still drinking lots of water but only occasionally eating. I have been giving her 3 cc's of penicillin by under the skin injection. She rallied after the first shot (within 12 hours) but then went back to the behavior above.

    Dash does not appear to be in pain and her comb is still the deep red it has always been. Feels like she might be running a small fever. (I have moved the rest of the flock onto antibiotic feed for now.)

    Hope someone can tell me something.
  2. try giving her electrolytes and vitamins to perk her up. She sounds like she has either hurt her self recently or she's having a vitamin deficiency.

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