Hen keeps falling over...MINE TOO!!!


10 Years
May 4, 2012
Keller, VA
OH crap!...just when I thought everyone was finally doing well and moving right along!
This am I let my dogs out and sat on the porch a bit. Went back out maybe 15 minutes later and saw a chicken laying down on its side in the yard...a dark Cornish pullet and I don't know how I could have missed it earlier (Maybe she was under the gazebo and flopped out???). I figured something must have gotten it. I picked it up and couldn't find anything wrong except she couldn't stand up. There was normal looking poo on the ground and all over her butt but there was also some crap that looked similar to crop contents. Legs work, she just can't balance. No visible injuries. I put jer in a nest box so she could sit. I feed SS Layer Broiler feed free and they are free range during the day. So now at 2:30...7 hrs later...I went out and she was still in the box. I got her out, sat her so she could eat and then so she could drink. While I was out with her I saw my Cornish rooster limping on one leg. Looks like the joint in the hock just doesn't lock like it should. My dark Cornish are from 5-6 months in their age ranges.
So now what?????
Sorry your birds injury or illness. Maybe something attacked your birds or they are ill. You need to read about the different types of illnesses and diseases and than you might be able to eliminate if it is illness or injury. It is hard to help, if you do not know if they were attacked or if they have a disease.
The pullet there was a possibility of attack as it was out. However, the rooster was in the pen and was not attacked for sure.

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