Hen keeps trembling...

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  1. Hi all! I was out, and someone else was taking care of my chickens for me. He put the chickens in the wrong coop - for some reason, one of my hens HATES the other, and he put those two in the same coop. When I went to let them out, the bullied hen was standing in the water (which was weird) with her head shoved in a corner, trembling. She had a handful of wounds (presumably from pecks) on her wings, back, and other areas. I gave her a bath, blow dried her dry, and put neosporin (without pain reliever because I heard it was poisonous for chickens) on the wounds. Also, she is molting so she looks pretty ratty, and she was never the healthiest hen... These are pretty minor wounds (shallow, very little blood), but she keeps trembling - is she traumatized? Is there something else wrong with her? She is two years old, and she is an EE.

    I have her inside the house in a cardboard box with a towel on the bottom, and food/water. She mostly sits down in the box (doesn't move around alot)

    All help and suggestions will be appreciated!
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  2. Never mind, I put her out with her sister, and she calmed down (I think she was just freaked out from being in a new environment, etc)

    And her sister isn't attracted to her wounds, but I'll keep close tabs on that...

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