hen killed rooster and another hen??


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Sep 23, 2014
Hey all, new to this chicken thing so I'll try my best to explain. We had 5 australorp hens about 3-4 years old and one australorp roo that was just over a year old. When we bought the chickens we were told by the guy we got them from that the hens picked on the roo and he had to keep them separate. We also have 4 sebright hens that are less than a year old. We've had everyone for about two weeks now and everything seemed to be going okay. The australorp hens seemed uninterested in the roo and they pretty much kept their distance from each other. The sebrights, being younger and smaller than the australorps, fell tight into place with the young roo. Well today I come home from work and find the roo and the smallest of the australorp hens dead. One of the australorp hand, the most aggressive IMO, bidding under an evergreen tree. I couldn't get her to come out from under the tree for nothing. Five hours later I was able to wrangle her out from it and put her in a desperate cage for the time being. Is it possible the hen killed the rooster and other hen?
I had a rooster that was trying to kill my four isa browns which all tried to kill one of my other isa browns and this is the funny bit of this story the isa brown that was picked on killed the rooster that was picking on the ones that were picking on her! So I say yes hens can kill roosters.

Sorry it's a bit complicated!
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Predator much more likely involved. You have to be very sloppy in your husbandry for a hens to kill roosters and even juveniles that are able to move about.

Way more detail needed. Pictures of setup and death scene needed.
My guess would be a predator killed the rooster and the hen. I'm so sorry but I would be on the watch for something other then the hen.

What was the state of the deceased? Anything missing from the bodies?

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