Hen laying egg w/o shells


10 Years
Jun 22, 2009
Oklahoma County, OK
I have a unidentified Golden Comet, 2-1/2 years old, eating, drinking and acting normal. However, one of them is leaving a wet spot in a nest most days that appears to be similar to egg white. Sometimes a little, sometimes a lot. There is no evidence of yolk or eggshell so I do not believe that I have an egg eater. I have checked for eggs every hour to see if I can catch the culprit or the one with the problem. No success there.

Certainly no emergency but new to me. Haven't seen this described here before. So I am perplexed since all appear to be well and this has been going on for many weeks. Any ideas what this fluid or condition might be?
I agree with you, it sounds like egg whites. Your Golden Comet, if you can determine which one, might need extra calcium and/or crushed oyster shell added to her diet. If all your comets are about the same age, I'd go ahead and buy a bottle of calcium tablets and crush them into powder and sprinkle the powder in their feed for about 5 days. Make sure you have ACV (apple cider vineger) added to their water (1 tablespoon per gallon of water.) ACV helps with calcium absorption from the calcium in their feed. You should be able to buy crushed oyster shell at your feed store. Provide it as free choice for all your hens. Perhaps you can get lucky and find the hen that's laying the whites, seperate her and treat her accordingly for about a week. Another thing to take into consideration is her age... possibly could be internal changes going on as well.
Appreciate that. They have the Braggs ACV. They get that every other day in fresh water. Oyster shell is available and they eat it as desired. I have added to feed as well in the recent past.

I am thinking the same thing...that something internal has changed. But as long as she keeps going as an active member of the flock, might be as good as it gets. Just a very strange deal.
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