Hen laying Huge eggs that get stuck and break


Jan 7, 2016
Mount Airy, Maryland
I need some advice please!
A little background info- I have six hens of varying breeds and no roosters. All are healthy and have had no issues. Except for...
I have a 1 1/2 year old Easter egger who hasn't given me an egg in six months+. Before that she would lay 1 or 2 Huge eggs a week that would break on the way out. She will occasionally look very lethargic and uncomfortable and I assume another big egg is on the way and after a day or so she's back to normal. Although one time there was an egg that got stuck and I did have to help extract it. I'm worried that one of these days she's going to get egg-bound and die. What can I do to have her lay smaller eggs? She has access to a standard laying pellet, oyster shell and water all day and is given occasional treats such as scratch, mealworms, veggies etc. I'm planning on giving her a warm bath soak tomorrow to see if it helps this time around but I need a long term solution. What can I do?!?!
Thanks so much and please help!


7 Years
Dec 10, 2012
I had a small hen that laid huge eggs too, the shells where often soft. She would howl when laying. I see you are already giving them oyster shells, she may need more calcium to harden the shell, make sure she is eating it. If she is low in the pecking order she may be challenged to get feed and water. Setting up more than one feeding area can help. Keeping her in a darken area can stop her from laying. Sorry but I have no idea how to stop them from laying huge eggs.

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