Hen laying soft shell


7 Years
Sep 11, 2012
Hello, when I went out to the coop I found an egg with a really soft shell, I tryed to get a picture but the egg broke.


The egg was where the fingers are
soft shells can be caused from a few factors; a scare or stressful event; infectious bronchitis; new castle; disease of oviduct; or the need for more calcium in the diet. I'd supplement with some extra calcium and see if that helps. every now and then its normal for the occasionally soft egg but if it continues then likely there is an issue. just give a bit more calcium like oyster shell and she should be fine. this is what my Heath book says. hope this helps you out. best wishes.
I sometimes crush up their own eggshells & mix in with the feed for extra calcium. Also you can give plain yogurt for extra calcium. I just fling spoonfulls of it on the ground and they peck at it. :)

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