Hen laying two separate eggs (weird)


7 Years
Sep 27, 2013
NW Washington
Hi.. it’s been quite awhile since I’ve last posted. A client of mine was looking after a hen who was getting bullied. Turns out the hen (is a Dominique as far as I can tell) lays two different eggs sometimes on the same day....one tan/pinkish and one green. Uh...I’m stumped. My daughter suggested a chimera. Any idea what on earth is going on? I didn’t get a pic, but I’ve seen the eggs. Same size and shape, two distinct colors. Laid at different times of the day. And she was staying at a place with no other chickens, so there is zero chance that another chicken sneaked in.
But even if it is some weird oxidation, it’s two eggs in one day...two days in a row, a green one in the morning, tan in the afternoon. The woman who was looking after the hen has years of experience with chickens and had no idea either.

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